Bubble Shooter

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Why you should play this fun game

Bubble Shooter is a shooting game where you have to clear all bubbles on the screen. If the bubbles touch the bottom, you will lose this game.

Simple rules

You will shoot some bubbles to the groups of bubbles on the screen. The bubbles are cleared if you can shoot the same bubbles to reach the group of the same bubbles. The time isn't limited so you have enough time to make a strategy. The available bubbles appear gradually after some bubbles are destroyed. Of course, if you can't make room for new bubbles, this game will end. This game has simple rules as in Tiny Fishing.

Game for anyone

This game is considered a method to test the logical thinking of children. The colorful bubbles and simple background are for any player, even children. Some students play this game during their break time at school because this game is unblocked at any place.

Some tips and tricks in Bubble Shooter

Clearing all the bubbles is very difficult because new bubbles will appear. You need to note the following tips to be able to conquer this interesting game.

  • Clearing the bubbles closest to the bottom is a good way to maintain the turn. As long as one bubble touches the bottom, the game will end immediately. That's why you have to destroy the bubbles near the bottom first.
  • The bubbles will be connected. If you can burst the connected bubbles, you will destroy more bubbles than you think.
  • Try to pop those bubbles continuously. Make sure that every time you shoot bubbles, some bubbles will be destroyed. If you shoot twice and no bubbles are broken, new bubbles will appear. At this time, the existing bubbles will be pushed down close to the bottom.