Slice it All

15 votes 3.9/5

Bounce a sharp knife

Slice it All is an entertaining game with a knife tool. You will cut everything along the way. However, you cannot let the knife touch the traps.

You will own a special knife in this game, it can even help you cut everything. You just need to bounce the knife to make it move forward. Don't forget to move the knife over all the objects. When it falls, it will cut the objects below it.

Complete missions in Slice it All

Your mission is to bounce the knife to the destination. Along the way, there will be obstacles in the way. You just need to use a knife to cut them in half.

Cut everything

Brown wooden slats, balls, or iron bars are all your subjects. Your knife can cut them with just one slash. However, you must move the knife so that it can reach these objects. Can you complete the mission?

Avoid traps and avoid falling to the ground

The objects will be placed on the blocks. Your knife will be safe if it falls on these blocks. However, if your knife hits the ground, the game is over immediately. In addition, the red traps on the blocks are also very dangerous. Best to stay away from them.

Game control

Click the left mouse button to move the knife. Try to cut as many objects as possible to get a lot of money. You can even multiply your winnings by throwing a knife at the multiplier column at the end of the path. Besides Slice it All, you can try Parkour Block 5 to have much fun.