Bomb it 8

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Place bombs to destroy enemies

Bomb it 8 is a game with classic gameplay but modern graphics. You need to plant bombs to destroy obstacles and destroy enemies. Be careful of enemy attacks!

Bombing games have been around for a long time but they are still loved by many people. Therefore, the 8th version of this game has been released. Your mission will vary depending on the mode you have selected. However, you always need to place bombs skillfully to be able to create the most damage in these modes. As long as you do this, you can conquer this game. After mastering this fun game, you can become a doctor in Healing Rush.

Some interesting points in Bomb it 8


There will be four main modes in this game. They are Arcade, Weapons only, Coin collection and Capture the flag. Each mode, you need to perform different tasks. For example, you need to destroy enemies with bombs in arcade mode. In Weapons only, you will only use weapons instead of bombs. You also need to collect coins in Coin collection mode and capture the flags in Capture the flag.

Enemies and locations

You can also unlock locations with stars. There are 6 locations with different backgrounds. You can try each location if you have stars to unlock all of them. This game allows you to choose the number of enemies. You can choose up to 3 opponents in a level.

How to play Bomb it 8

You use the arrow keys to move the character. Press the spacebar to place the bomb. The playing field will be divided into small squares. One of the squares will have obstacles in the way. You just need to put the bomb next to them to destroy them. The bombs can only deal damage in horizontal and vertical rows. Therefore, you need to think carefully before you act. After destroying the obstacles, some items and weapons will appear. Let's collect and use them.