Healing Rush

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Large hospital management

Healing Rush is the place that allows you to become a great doctor. You can open a hospital of your own. Many patients come and ask you to treat them.

Your hospital won't be that big in the early game. Even the hospital has only 1 bed when you first start this game. Then you need to earn a lot of money to expand your hospital. Patients who come for treatment will pay for you. Use this money to buy more furniture and necessary equipment.

Hospital expansion in Healing Rush

You are not only on duty to cure people, but you also have to expand your hospital. How can these tasks be completed?

Treat as many patients as possible

Because you need to develop the hospital based on what the patient pays. So, the more patients you treat, the more money you will make. Sometimes, there are guests who will pay you a lot of money if their illness is severe. However, you need to watch a short video before getting this money.

Buy more items and expand the area

All medical facilities and equipment must be purchased with money. Your clinic is too small and too many patients come in. Therefore, you need to win money to expand the hospital area. Of course, this won't come cheap.

The Mission of a Doctor in Healing Rush

When starting out, you need to do all the following work by yourself. However, you can hire more employees later. They will help you do the following guards and you just need to collect the money.

Carrying the patient to the hospital bed

The patients were all fatigued and unable to move themselves to bed. They will sit in the chair next to the main door. At this point, you will come and carry them inside. You can handle many people at the same time.

Take medicine for the patient

After the patient is in bed, you will base on their illness to get medicine. You just have to look at the drug icon above their head to see what kind of medicine they need. Next, stand in front of the machine to get the medicine.

Hire more staff

After you make a lot of money and the hospital has expanded, you can't do everything on your own. As such, you will not be able to treat all patients. Now you need to hire more staff. They will treat and put the patient to bed. Hope your hospital develops more in the future. Then, you can have a lot of time to fish online in the Tiny Fishing game.