Troll Thief Puzzle

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Stealing everything in Troll Thief Puzzle! A stickman with unlimited arms can steal anything. Let's move his arm cleverly to steal without being discovered.

The great combination

Many people may be familiar with the stickman games such as Stickman Boost 2. Instead of the action scenes, you need to solve some puzzles in this stickman game. You will help Stickman do some bad things or some good things. Take advantage of his long arms to reach objects from afar that no one can see. This game can enhance your brain with many hard puzzles.

How to steal things in Troll Thief Puzzle

You will drag the hand to reach the target. However, you have to make sure that other people can't see your arm. Otherwise, you may get some dire consequences. Then, that level will restart. To avoid the other's vision, you need a stickman's arms to pass through objects in the distance. How to drag the arm? It depends on each situation and the objects appearing on the screen.

Ways to control

You just need to swipe the mouse to drag the stickman's arm. There are many levels with increasing difficulty. Another game with multiple levels is Parkour Block 3D. You can experience that game with Minecraft graphics.