Battleship Minesweeper

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Challenge your IQ

Battleship Minesweeper is a classic game that can make any pro players give up. In this game, you need to open the grid cells but be careful will mines.

You can't ignore this game if you love puzzle games. This game doesn't require agility or sharp eyes, but logical thinking is very necessary. Your mission is to turn all the cells back. If you open the cells with red mine, the game will end. This game is too hard for you and you just want to relax. Daily Dadish is the better choice for you.

How to define which cell has mines

Battleship Minesweeper has very simple graphics and control, but to master this game, you must take a lot of time. No pain no gain. You have to practice many times to have sharp thinking. The number of cells you open will give you clues about the mines. The numbers will show how many cells with mine touch these cells. Although cleverness is very necessary, luck sometimes also plays an important role in this game. You can mark flags on the cells you think have mines.

How to control

You just click the left mouse button on the cells to open them. Click the right mouse button on the cells to mark the red flag. Can you conquer this hard game? You can ask your friends or family for help.