Barbie Super Cake Shop

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Serve clients the best cakes

You will own a cake shop in Barbie Super Cake Shop. Let's mix the ingredients together to create the best cakes. Don't let your customers wait too long.

This game is very suitable for girls and people who love making cakes. You don't need to use the oven to bake, but you have to choose the correct ingredients. Sometimes, the cake is made with various materials or sometimes, your customer just needs one simple cookie. To get a lot of cash and appreciation, your speed of choosing the cake must be quick. If your clients have to wait for a long time, they will go away. This gameplay is the same with Papa Scooperia where you are also a great chef.

How to make a cake for clients

Now, it's time to explore the steps to make a cake in Barbie Super Cake Shop. Of course, you may complete a cake for a long time in the beginning. However, when you remember the ingredient's position, you can conquer this game.

Analysis the cake

The customers will order different cakes which has a different recipe. You need to click on the cake to know the ingredients in the cake. Then, you must remember to select correctly. You can see this recipe again if you can't memorize it the first time.

Choose the elements

You can see the elements will be devices into different fields. After knowing the cake's recipe, you will click on the proper things. When you get enough ingredients, you can click on the OK button to serve the customers.