Fish Love

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Help the fish in Fish Love

Fish Love is a romantic story of two fish who need your help. They are divided and are in danger. You need to save them from bombs, lava, and crabs.

In this game, two fish can't live without each other. However, some factors make the fish arrested in different areas. These areas are locked by some pins. Now, you need to draw these pins to free the fish. You can lead one fish to another fish's area. However, there are many dangers lurking for your fish. You should plan a strategy before drawing the pins. In Friday Night Funkin', your agility is necessary, but you must be smart in the Fish Love game.

What you should do in this game

As you know, you have to help the fish stay together. Your mission is to draw the pins cleverly in this game. If you make a wrong step, you must replay Fish Love. You can see many pins on the screen and they divide a tube into different parts. Two parts conclude the fish and some have nothing or some deadly trap. You must keep the fish to avoid falling into the traps. Remove the traps by pulling the pins so that they fall out on their own. Or you can also use pegs to block them. That's up to the situation you have to face. Hope you can help the fish find their love.

How to control

In the Fish Love game, you just need to click the left mouse button to draw the pins. The game has many levels which will be increasingly difficult. After you complete all levels of this game, you can immediately move to Slope Run. This game won't let you down.