Angel Demon Fight

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Turn into an angel

You need to collect the angel books and items to strengthen your angel in Angel Demon Fight. In the end, you will fight with a demon. Good luck!

The fight between angel and demon is happening in this game. You will transform into a beautiful angel who needs to power up. The demon will appear in the parallel road and she also try to become a stronger demon.

How to defeat the demon in Angel Demon Fight

Collect the angel items

On your way, there are many dark books and bibles. To power up an angel, bibles are the best choice. Moreover, sometimes, you have to go through various portals. Don't move through the demon portal unless you want to decrease your power. One more thing, the movable saws also can hurt your characters.

Get more points

At the end of the road, you will encounter the demon and fight her. Let's click the bubbles on the screen to raise your points. From that, you can easily beat the enemies. You will get some surprise when you get a victory. In addition to this game, I also recommend Cube Colossus for you.