Aliens Gone Wild

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Fight against aliens

Many aliens want to dominate the Earth in Aliens Gone Wild. You are a cowboy who will defeat any enemies with your gun. Let's destroy all aliens now!

The green aliens are moving to the earth through a road. Now, you will stand in their road and shoot any aliens which want to access the earth. Using your shooting ability to save the world. Be careful of the bullets! The foes are equipped with weapons that can hurt your character. Besides this game, you also can experience the fun game called Road Fury where you are the king of speed.

Shoot down the aliens in the Aliens Gone Wild game

Move the character

Your gun will shoot automatically, so you just move your character to shoot at the enemies. Look at the foes' HP bar on their head! When their HP runs out, they will die. You also move the character to avoid the bullets of aliens. If you got hit by a bullet, your HP also decreases.

Strengthen your power

In this game, you can be stronger by collecting useful items on the road. They can be powerful guns, HP, or some mysterious bags. You will don't know what is in the bags if you don't get them. I think it's worth collecting.

Game control: just swipe the mouse to move the character.