Cut The Rope

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Experience this exciting game

Cut The Rope is a unique puzzle game where you need to feed a green monster candy. The candies are hung up by strings and you need to cut them.

The character who needs your help is Om Nom, a cute green monster. It loves sweets so you need to make it full with sweets. These candies will be hung on random locations. Now, you need to cut the candy so that it falls to Om Nom's position. You need to judge which wire needs to be cut first. If you cut the wrong wire, you may have to start the level over. You can also test your luck with the game Battleship Online.

Cut The Rope gameplay

There are many levels and Om Nom only needs to eat the candy, then you can complete a level. The levels will become increasingly difficult as the candy strings become harder to cut.

Feed Om Nom with candy

Om Nom is very hungry and you need to help him eat candy. The candy is right above Om Nom and you need to use some tricks to move the candy to Om Nom. Om Nom only stands in one place, so you have to be clever so that the candy doesn't get deflected. Think carefully before you want to cut any wire.

Use some items

You see some items that might be useful to you like bubbles or hooks. Bubbles can cause candy to fly when the candy is in these bubbles. You just need to click on bubbles to destroy them. When the glue moves near the hooks, the wires will automatically hook with these hooks.