8 Ball Billiards Classic

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Walkthrough the game

8 Ball Billiards Classic brings the most realistic feeling when playing billiards online. You will become a professional player and fight your opponents.

Play board games online

You can already play billiards without having to buy a pool table. This online game will fulfill all your requirements for this board game. Extremely realistic graphics. Even the movements of the ball are designed to look like real balls. This is probably a billiards game with the best graphics I know.

Play with your friends

This game offers two game modes, 1 player and 2 player. Your opponent is the CPU in 1 player mode while you will face off against a friend of yours in 2 player mode. These two modes are not different in terms of rules, but the opponent will be different. Besides this billiard game, you can enjoy a more thrilling game called Sniper Attack where you become a sniper.

The rules in 8 Ball Billiards Classic

This game has simpler rules than real billiards. However, it still keeps the basic rules of this game.

Hit the ball into the holes

Use the billiards bat to put the specified balls into the hole. Each player will be assigned different balls. Therefore, you avoid helping your opponent pocket their designated ball. In addition, you cannot pocket 8 balls and cue balls until you have already pocketed the specified number of balls. This will make you lose instantly.

How to control

You click and move the mouse to adjust the force and direction of the hit. You can tell the direction of the ball's movement through the white lines. Take advantage of this to put your designated ball in any hole.