Worm Out: Brain Teaser Games

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Test your brain with this game

Worm Out: Brain Teaser Games is a puzzle game where you help many fruits take worms out. You need to solve some puzzles to eliminate these worms.

Many difficult puzzles are waiting for a solution in this game. Your mission is to remove dangerous worms from fruits in this game. However, you will have to use some tricks to pull these worms out because they cling very tightly to the fruit. Take advantage of the items this game provides you to complete the mission. The items that appear on the screen have their own benefits, so you need to think carefully. New solutions need to be proposed to solve difficult situations in this game. You might also like some of the strategy games on our site like Battleship Online.

Worm Out: Brain Teaser Games gameplay

Although this is a puzzle game, it is not too difficult for children. They can even relieve stress with this game. Let's learn the rules of this game.

Solve puzzles

You can use hooks to hook the worms out of the fruit. However, things become more difficult in the next levels because there will be obstacles. You can press a few buttons or levers to make the obstacles disappear. Additionally, in some levels, hooks cannot catch worms. At this point, you can use the suction from the tubes or the fish.

Search for wanted worms

After some levels, you will have a mini-game where you find some evil worms. Look at the picture of the worm you are looking for. Then send these worms to hell. Don't be confused with some of the other worms and send innocent worms to heaven.