Word Game

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Rules of this word game

Word Game is a fun letter matching game where you can increase your vocabulary. The vocabulary is divided into different topics at different levels.

Connect the letters in the board

You will see a board with 25 squares that each contain a letter. Now, you will join these random letters together to form a meaningful word. You can connect letters horizontally, diagonally, or vertically. Meaningful words can start from left to right, from top to bottom or from bottom to top. You just need to connect the letters in a straight line.

Create the given words

You don't need to think of new words, they are already provided on the screen. Your task is just to find these given words in the alphabet. The themes of this game are also quite rich such as emotions, Halloween, Valentine, etc. From there, you can improve your vocabulary through these topics.

More information about Word Game

This game seems simple but requires an understanding of vocabulary. This is not only a game but it can also be considered a way to practice your vocabulary. Furthermore, this game offers up to 750 levels for you to experience. During the game, you can use hints when you cannot find the necessary word in the alphabet. The number of hints is limited but you can buy them with the gold you have. If you don't like word games, you can enjoy many battles in the sea of Ships 3D.