Wizard Mike

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Wizard Mike requires your aiming skills because you have to shoot up many monsters. They stand in places where you can hardly touch them. What can you do?

Do you love shooting games? This game will bring you to the magic land where you can see the magic wand. This wand can shoot the liquid which beats the enemies. With many levels, this game is worth playing in your leisure time. The eye-catching graphics are very attractive to players, especially children.

What happens in Wizard Mike

The magic land is dominated by many monsters. They appear everywhere. You will turn into a hero with powerful magic. You will use your wand to kill the monsters. You will move from one place to another place through the level to find the monsters. You need to kill all of them to complete a level.

Kill the enemies with Wizard Mike wand

There are many ways to kill monsters and you need to save as much liquid as possible. Your liquid glasses are limited. Don't run out of liquid when the monsters are still alive.

Shoot the liquid directly to the monster

You just need to aim the wand straight at the enemies, then fire. One bullet can beat one monster. The bullets will bounce back if they hit solid things such as walls or rocks. You can utilize these features to defeat many monsters with one shot.

Using external objective forces

Some monsters will hide behind the rocks or log and some are in high position. If you shoot directly at them, they get nothing. You should shoot at the dynamite boxes to make a huge explosion. Then, the near enemies will fall down. Furthermore, you can break the barriers which prevent the rocks from falling. Thus, the rocks can crush the enemy.

Equip new objects for your Wizard Mike witch

You can click on the shop on the main menu. The shop has new hats, wands, cloaks and even new characters. These options all require the use of money. After completing a level, you can get a certain amount of gold. The game's cartoon touches sometimes remind me of the Tiny Fishing game.