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A new minecraft world with three modes

Vectaria is inspired by the familiar Minecraft world. You are free to express your creativity through constructions. Three modes are ready for you.

You can choose any mode you want. Everything in this game is made of blocks. In addition, the time in this game is also simulated to resemble real life. Day and night appear alternately. This will appear in all 3 modes. Modes include peace, survival and creativity. In peaceful and creative mode, the game mode will be more gentle. In survival mode, other players can attack you if you destroy their buildings. Perhaps survival mode will be more stressful than the other two modes. Which mode do you prefer? This game is too peaceful for you. Why don't you try Counter Craft 2: Zombies?

Creative and competitive gameplay in Vectaria

You will have two main tasks that are to build and protect your works. There will be a lot of other players also participating in this game. So, sometimes there will be some battles.

Build your own construction

To build, you need materials first. Where can you find them? They are everywhere around you. The blocks around you are the necessary materials. You need to exploit them by clicking the left mouse button. Then you use them to build your own base. Click the right mouse button to build.

Protect the works

There will be many people who want to sabotage your work. They may come to steal your materials or attack you. Attack them again and find lots of new materials. You can see the character's HP and energy through the two green and red bars on the screen. The red bar is HP and the green one is energy. If you run out of energy, you can't build or mine materials. You can find foods to replenish energy like apples, wheat, wild berries, etc.