Uno Online

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Play Uno Online now! You can select a number of players in one match. You have to eliminate your cars before the enemies can do it. Good luck!

The rules in Uno Online

You have to match cards by color or number and be the first to get rid of them. Then winner's score will be the same as the value of other players' cards. Reach 250 points to win the game. There are two ways to eliminate your cards. You can get rid of the cards which have the same color as the centered cards. If they don't have the same color, the same numbers or icon is acceptable.

The special cars in Uno Online

Action cards will mix the game up. Draw two forces the next player to pick two cards and forfeit the turn.

Skip cars are used to stop the next player.

Reverse card switches the game wise.

The wild card can be placed on any card at any timeand allows you to change the color to play.

The wild draw three is a special wild that allows you to change the color and forces the next player to pick three cards. To use this card you must have no other alternative cards to play.

Keep your mind to press the one button when you will have only one car left or you'll pick 2 penalty cards.