Two Blocks

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The intellectual matching game is ready

Two Blocks is an intellectual game that helps you improve your thinking by connecting blocks. You need to earn enough blocks to pass a level.

Intellectual games are often loved by people during recess. They often bring simple puzzles to players. This game requires you to match similar blocks together. You can see the number of blocks required on the screen. As soon as this number of blocks is collected enough, you can continue the game to the next level. With simple graphics, the game will only take a few seconds to load game data. You can experience this game on your phone or computer as long as you connect them to the internet. For more fun games, you may like Hill Climb Racing 2.

Rules in Two Blocks

You can only connect blocks of the same color. You need at least 2 blocks to connect and of course you can connect as many blocks at once as possible. Each level only has a certain number of moves, so you need to try to save the number of moves. Connections can be vertical or horizontal but not diagonal. Try to create square connections so you can clear blocks of the same color as the blocks in that square. Additionally, when you trap some blocks into a square connection, these blocks will also be cleared immediately. There are many levels in this game and you need to unlock them one by one.