Trap The Cat

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Trap The Cat is a puzzle game where you have to catch a black cat with your wit. The cat is right here, but capturing it isn't easy. Can you do it?

How to win Trap The Cat

Now, I will guide how to win Trap The Cat. Many players consider this to be one of the most challenging puzzle games in the world. However, it's very addictive. Your mission is to capture the cat on a platform that is made from many grid cells. The cat can't jump on the dark grid cells. Therefore, you will utilize this cat's weakness to cover it with dark cells and catch them easily. Remember you must surround the cat first to prevent it from running away from the platform. As soon as the cat only stands on one light cell which is covered by dark cells, you will win the match.

Trap The Cat Strategy

I am sure you can pass any matches if you can understand Trap The Cat strategy here.

  • The cat always tries to escape by jumping on the cells which are closest to the exit.
  • The available dark cells are very useful for you. You can use them to make a trap and catch the black cats. Click on the light cells to turn them dark. You should put the dark cells far from the cat.
  • Remember that don't connect the dark cells into one barrier if the cat hasn't come close. Make sure the dark cells are only one light cell apart.

Hope these tips can help you much in solving the problems in this puzzle game. Besides this game, you can try Cubes 2048.io where the number fights.