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Swing a character to conquer Swingo. Your mission is to eat the tasty fruit in the air. You must reach the place that has the fruit first. All the best!

Bulgim games

For online game lovers, Bulmi games aren't strange. These games impress the players with many cute and fun characters. Swingo is one of the best games in this series. You will control the fun character to consume the fruit. There are no deadly obstacles, but reaching the destination isn't easy.

Swing over the challenging path in Swingo.

The road isn't as flat as the normal road. You have to overcome a maze with many corners. Aim the position to hook and move the final place step by step.

Hook the swing

Swingo gives your character a long rope with one hand. This hand will stick on solid things such as walls and pegs on the way. You will use the swing force to move your character for the far distance.

Define the fruit location

The fruit won't appear on the screen at the beginning. You can follow the icon introduction to know where the fruit is. When the character ate the fruit, you can see the humorous emotion of the characters. Try your best to consume the fruits in a short time!

Unlock many Blumgi characters

When you complete a level, you are about to unlock a new character. You can follow the bar on the screen. If this bar is full, the new character will appear.