Stickman Parkour 2

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Challenge your driving skills

Stickman Parkour 2 is a stickman-themed game combined with parkour. You need to help your character get to the exit on a difficult path. Good luck!

The main characters in this game are colorful stick people. They are moving on floating platforms in the sky. They need to find a way to escape these platforms. If they fall through the air, your game will be over. Your mission is not too difficult but it requires excellent control skills. Traps placed along the way will test your reactions. If you want to play more types of games, you can try A Difficult Game About Climbing.

Reach the purple portal in Stickman Parkour 2

You control the character to perform parkour jumps on platforms. There is no time limit so you can be careful with each jump. You also have to face dangerous traps such as explosive barrels, arrows, ice, etc. Each trap has different characteristics, so you need to pay attention to their features. For example, if the character touches an explosive barrel, it will cause your character to explode. You also have a companion so you can follow him to the finish line. If you fall into space or fall into traps, you and your companion will have to start over.