Stick Warrior Action Game

2 votes 4.5/5

The hardest fighting game

Can you rule the Stick Warrior Action Game? You must encounter infinite enemies in this game. Let's defeat them before they can hit your stickman.

A lot of enemies

The black enemies will try to attack your character from two sides. They are very crowded and they will hit your stickman continuously. Therefore, you must hit them back from two sides. You must press the arrow keys continuously before they can access your character.

Don't be hit

Your character is very fragile because he can fall down with one hit. You may think that he has HP and one hit will lose some HP. Actually, this game doesn't have this rule. That's the reason why you should reflex quickly to avoid any enemies' attacks.

How to play Stick Warrior Action Game

This game is quite interesting because there are many stages. You need to get enough coins to unlock this stage. At each stage, you will receive a new weapon.

Beat other stickman

This is a fighting game, so the battles will happen continuously. You use your weapon to attack enemies. You just need one hit to beat any opponents. Be quick! When you see any stickman access your character, let's punch them. You have no time to think about strategy. Of course, you don't need any plan for this game.

Unlock new weapons

In this game, you also can use coins to unlock many weapons. If you don't have enough coins, you can watch ads to earn coins. When you defeat an opponent, you also earn certain coins. Now, let's use your favorite weapon in this game. You also have a chance to use many weapons in Skibidi Toilets.