Snail Bob 2

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Intro Snail Bob 2

Snail Bob 2 is the second adventure of a snail named Bob. In this version, he will overcome a dangerous forest to come to grandpa's birthday party.

The forest always contains many dangers and your main character has to cross it. He needs to give his grandpa a present on his birthday. Now, this filial grandchild needs your help. To solve the traps, you can use various tools to guide Bob through each level of his journey.

How to pass the dangerous forest in Snail Bob 2

Bob is very cowardly, sometime he will hide in his shell. You need to click the left mouse on him to keep him moving. Sometimes, hiding in the shell is a great way. You will start up the mechanisms such as pressing the button, turning on the fan, and so on to help Bob overcome deadly obstacles. In this game, you can move Bob left or right because he just moves forwards. Besides obstacles, some enemies also appear in the forest. Let's use the traps to kill them. Are you ready for this interesting adventure? Let's keep Bob safe on this journey!