Skibidi Toilet Rampage

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Beat Skibidi Toilet in this game

Skibidi Toilet Rampage is an interesting fighting game between cameraman and Skibidi Toilet. You can punch and kick your enemies until they fall in this game.

Move forward

Your enemies are always ahead of you. You need to move quickly towards them and attack them. Use the fastest speed to make these toilet monsters fall. Don't let them aim and shoot at the cameraman. With extremely simple gameplay, I believe anyone can pass the levels in this game.

Avoid getting shot

You will probably know how these toilet monsters will shoot terrible bullets. You will see the direction of their bullets. If your character gets attacked too much, you will lose the level. Avoid those red bars. In addition, you also need to be careful to avoid falling off the playing field. Besides, you also can play another shooting game against Skibidi Toilet in Skibidi Toilets.

Some tips to rule this game

  • Enhance your character to become bigger with buttons along the way. You sometimes have to face big bosses and your cameraman also needs to become bigger. Look at the pink square pen on the screen. You go through them, your character will increase in size. From there, he became strong and took down many enemies with one punch.
  • Game control: You just need to use WASD to move the character and press the spacebar to be able to attack. Please combine the keys together to move and attack. Thus, it will be harder for the enemy to shoot you.