Run Rich 3D

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Run to be rich in Run Rich 3D

Slide a girl to collect as much money as possible in Run Rich 3D. Don't waste your cash on useless actions and avoid some thieves on the way.

To become rich in this game, you just need to go through to get cash on the road. It's too easy, so many problems will appear on the road. Sometimes, you have to make a properly suitable decision to save your money. For example, you should choose to study instead of games. You also should select an interview instead of surfing the internet. Many thieves are willing to steal your money if you hit them.

When do you pass a level in Run Rich 3D

This game offers many levels for you. You only can advance the level after reaching the finish line. You need to ensure your character isn't broke on the way. Your character's clothes will change according to the money you get. She will wear a luxury dress when she becomes a millionaire. The next levels always contain more challenges for you. How many levels can you pass? We are waiting for your reply.

Game control

You just swipe the mouse to move the character from left to right and vice versa. You should enjoy this game on full-screen to be easier to control.