Roper Pass Game

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Help the dog in the Roper Pass Game collect all the gold coins! In addition, you must also ensure the safety of this Pixel dog. Can you do this or not?

When coming to this game, you will see the familiar graphics in the game Drive Mad. However, you will control a dog instead of driving a car in this game. It is interesting, right? Of course, your task is not to reach the finish line but to collect all the gold coins along the way.

Collect all Roper Pass Game gold coins

Your dog will automatically move, so you just need to help him overcome the obstacles. In addition, you also need to help it jump to high places to get gold. What's more, this pixel dog can even swing. This is also a difficult point in this game. If the dog falls into the water or falls into the holes, you will have to start the game again. I think you will have to make mistakes a few times. However, don't let them affect your fun. No pain no gain. You can hone your skills with this fun game.

What is attractive about this Roper Pass Game game

This game has many levels to test your skills. Some people gave up when they reached the high level. The difficulty of the game is always a topic of discussion in this game. The colors in the game are also very bright and it is suitable for students. They can have endless fun next to this pixel dog. Just click the left mouse button to play this game!