Pop Adventure

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Enjoy the adventure of pop in this game

Pop Adventure is a shooting game where you have to destroy the bubbles on the screen. You only get a victory in this game if all bubbles are cleared.

The gameplay of this game is no longer strange to fans of puzzle games. There are many bubbles on the screen and you need to destroy them all to complete a level. Each level gives you different tasks such as collecting items, clearing all bubbles, etc. With many colors, this game gives you great experiences. With many levels, you can increase your skills and intelligence. You can also experience other games on the site such as Battleship Online.

How to finish levels in Pop Adventure

Colored bubbles need to be removed so you can complete all missions in this game. Now, I will introduce how to play and some tips to conquer this game.

Clear all bubbles

You own a cannon that can shoot colorful bubbles. If you shoot a ball of the same color into a group of the same color, you can destroy this group of bubbles. You need to try to destroy many bubbles in one shot. The number of bubbles in the cannon is limited so you need to save them as much as possible. Time is unlimited, so make careful strategies.

Use some support

Some supports may help you such as powerful bubbles, changing bubbles, etc. You can see two bubbles in the cannon and you can change their positions. In addition, powerful bubbles can destroy a certain distance even if the bubbles are not the same color. You can learn many other supports in this game if you join it.