Parkour Block 2

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Get ready for a journey in the lava world

Parkour Block 2 is a parkour-themed sports game. This world has graphics similar to Minecraft. Your mission is to jump to the purple portal to pass the level.

You are about to enter a world where it is surrounded by lava. You are only able to move on platforms floating in the air. You only need to do one wrong jump, the lava will swallow you. Playing in the first person makes it harder for you to determine your position. However, you will have a real feeling when playing this game.

Pass all levels in Parkour Block 2

Platforms are located in random locations and they are set far apart. You need to jump from one position to another. Then, let's reach the end of the road.

Go through the portal

Portals always appear at the end of the path. Crossing the road is a challenge for players. There are no obstacles or monsters on the way. However, the implementation of parkour is also a difficulty. Platforms sometimes cause you to slip and fall into lava flows. So be careful with every move!

Be quick

This game will not limit time for each level. However, if you complete a level fast, you can get the maximum number of stars. The time you complete a level will directly affect the number of stars you win. It will be difficult for you to complete high levels in a short time. Thus, you can replay these levels many times. After mastering the operations, you can finish these levels quickly. After conquering all level of Parkour Blocks 2, you can play Parkour Block 5.