Office Conflict

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The intense battle is waiting for you

Office Conflict turns you into a professional gun in the office. In this game, you have to fight many other players to survive until the time's up.

You have probably participated in many online battles in many backgrounds. In this game, your battlefield will be at the office. This is a multiplayer game and you have to fight them. You'll be knocked down immediately if you let your guard down. There are many professional shooters involved in this game. Therefore, you must be very careful.

How to win the allotted time of Office Conflict

As mentioned, each battle will last for a certain time. You can defeat as many opponents as possible. If you kill the most opponents, you become the winner.

Shoot the enemy

Your weapon will be a long gun. It can shoot enemies at a long distance. Take a good look at the enemy. When you shoot them in the head, you deal more damage to them. Don't waste ammo! Sometimes, you have to reload to be able to continue the battle.

Don't get hurt

Your character can get injured if you don't know how to move. Standing still will easily become an opponent's target. In addition, you can move around the office to find targets and take them down. Good luck!

Game control

Use arrow keys to move the character in Office Conflict. Then, swipe the mouse to aim and click the left mouse button to shoot. If your character is knocked down, he will come back to the battle soon.