My Style Hotel Empire

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Welcome to the best hotel

My Style Hotel Empire gives you a chance to run a hotel. Use your ability to develop a huge and fully equipped hotel. It's time to hard work.

Beautiful graphics

You can see each detail of the game is drawn with a cute style. The characters with big heads or the small gingerbread men can attract any players. You need to take these customers into your hotel.

How to control

You just need to use the mouse to play this game. Click on the gingerbread men to attract them. Don't forget to collect the coins when your customers pay you.

Steps to develop the hotel in My Style Hotel Empire

Instead of building a supermarket as in Monkey Mart, you will grow a hotel. In the beginning, your hotel only is an old building with spider-silk surroundings. You need to renovate the building gradually. It's better to open a small hotel in a room in this building. When you become rich, you even can open empire style hair salon.

Equip the hotel with convenient furniture

You will own the first room and put two basic beds first. Then, you can increase the number of beds and purchase more furniture such as cabinets, clearance massage chairs, basic vending machines, empire style side tables, and so on. This furniture is also divided into many levels. When you have enough money, you can buy the most modern ones. From that, you can get more profit.

Attract clients on the way

Outside of the hotel, you can see many gingerbread men. They will turn into your clients after you click the left mouse button on them. One tip is the vehicle always contains many clients. Your character will stand in front of the hotel to invite the clients to visit your hotel. However, sometimes, you need to recharge energy to your character. Although he can recharge by himself, it's very slow. Many kinds of guests will appear when you unlock new things.

Repair more rooms in the My Style Hotel Empire game

There are many rooms which are broken. You need to collect enough money to rebound them. You can utilize these spaces to develop many other types of business. Then, there are more clients who know your hotel and it's increasingly famous.

Play My Style Hotel Empire game online

  • You may spend a lot of time playing this fun game. Let's enjoy the experience of owning a big hotel. Can you develop a huge hotel?
  • This game can be accessed by mobile devices or desktops, so you can enjoy it every time you want.