Jack Frost

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Jack Frost turns you into an ice boy who can ice all things he touches. Let's make your own kingdom by icing all the ground and objects like Elsa.

What do you know about this game? Don't just play this game, let's learn some interesting information here.

Jack Frost movie inspires this game

Many players know the movie Jack Frost which is a famous film in America. This game is set up in the background in the snow theme. The Jack Frost game also has the main theme: the snowy day. In this game, you will use the unique ability of the character to ice all the objects on the screen. It sounds interesting. You can come to this game to own the special ability.

How to turn the hot land into the ice land

The Jack Frost game is for all groups of age. Your final target is to freeze all things, even enemies. From that, you can advance to new levels. Let's follow some steps to get the victory.

Move around

You need to touch the platforms and objects to freeze them. Therefore, it's necessary to walk around the field. Let's reach anywhere on the screen, even the corner.

Ice the enemies

You can turn the enemies into ice by jumping on their heads. However, the ice will melt and they can move after a short time. Therefore, you should freeze the objects first. Then, let's jump on the enemies. All best to you!