Gun Spin

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Welcome to the firefight

Gun Spin is a shooting game where you need to use shooting force to move the gun. Your mission is to earn as many coins as possible by taking down enemies.

This game has 3D animated graphics that provide smooth movements for players. Your enemies in this game are the stickmen along the way. Now, you need to left click to be able to shoot bullets and the thrust will be generated from the shots. The number of bullets is unlimited so you can shoot multiple times to complete the mission. The gun has no operator, so it will not be able to move as you wish. Therefore, you need to be very skillful and agile to be able to defeat your opponent. Pinning the bullet to the goal post will help you pass a level. You can also check out some strategy games on the site like Battleship Online.

The player's mission in Gun Spin

To complete a level, you need to shoot the column at the end of the path. You can move the gun closer to the column to shoot or shoot from a far position. You can do anything as long as you complete this mission

Shoot enemies

The villains are giant stick people. Even though they are huge, your gun can take them down with just one shot. Defeating enemies is not required to pass the level. However, this will give you more coins to be able to do many useful things.

Earn lots of gold coins

Finishing a level and defeating a stickman both give you a certain number of coins. You can double or multiply dozens of times the coins you earn thanks to the pillar at the end of the road. This pillar has many different lines marked with different numbers. If you shoot at x50, the coins you earn will be multiplied by 50 times. With many coins, you can unlock two expensive guns in the store.