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Green requires you to color all the screens with green color. This is a puzzle game that has a green theme. What can you do to color all the playfield?

If you are looking for a puzzle game, you should try Green. In any way, you must fill the screen with green color. You and your friends can make a perfect plan together to complete the mission.

Solve the puzzles in Green

This game won't give you questions to answer. You have to use some tricks to color the screen green. For example, you must make white planes out of the green screen. You will look at the direction of the plane and click on the to direct them out of the screen. There are many different puzzles that need your wits to solve. When you get stuck at some level, you can use the clue on the right screen to pass that level.

What makes the Green game attractive

I think that this is a simple game without complex graphics. The feature which makes players love this game is the gameplay. Although the game rules are very easy to understand, mastering this game is very hard. The difficulty of later levels will increase. Many players give up when they reach the high levels. How about you? How many levels can you overcome in this game?