Ghost Fight IO

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Act like a ghost

Ghost Fight IO is a platform where ghosts float. Don't be afraid they are so adorable! Wars will still take place between ghosts. You need to be the winner.

You will have to join a multiplayer game similar to Narrow One. However, instead of becoming a human warrior, you will become an adorable ghost. However, the fighting power of these ghosts is also very strong. They will have to destroy each other in order to survive and develop. You will compete directly with other players in this game. Can you become the strongest ghost?

Fly and fight in Ghost Fight IO

Ghosts cannot walk on foot, so they will fly in the air. Your task now is to control your ghost skillfully. Unscrupulous moves will help you a lot in this battle.

Strengthen power

You can see the power stat on each ghost's head. The bigger the number, the more power. How to get stronger? You can go around the map to collect energy orbs. They are scattered everywhere. The more of these orbs you have, the stronger the ghost becomes. In addition, you can collect additional shields, magnets, and boots to support your quest.

Defeat other ghosts

As mentioned, you will join the multiplayer battle in Ghost Fight IO. Therefore, you need to destroy other ghosts when necessary. You will only be able to take down ghosts with lower power stats than yours. If you see a ghost with only more power than you, you should run away immediately.

Game control: Move the mouse to control the ghost.