Fantasy Madness

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Join the war

You are the only warrior in the game Fantasy Madness. Your mission is to destroy dangerous monsters that are trying to approach you. They will be very crowded.

Monsters are trying to invade the world and you will be the warrior against them. There will be no one brave enough to fight with you. You are the only one in this game. The unlimited attacks of monsters can make you bewildered. You will have to try to protect the character and destroy the monster. You will spend hours and hours playing this Fantasy Madness game. With many options, this game deserves to be on your favorite game list. In addition, we would also recommend Tiny Fishing to those who love online fishing.

How to conquer Fantasy Madness

This game is really challenging. You will have to ensure the safety of the character and fight the enemy. It sounds difficult but I believe you can do it. The key to success here is your smooth movement.

Ensuring the safety of characters in Fantasy Madness

It will be difficult when you have to fight endless monsters alone. They will continuously approach and attack you until you fall. Many new monsters will appear and they are always stronger than the original ones. Don't let them come near and touch your character. When this happens, you will always have to use the arrow keys or WASD to move around the map. Remember that standing still will lead to a quick death. In addition, you can collect magical grasses along the way. They can make you stronger, move faster, and have other uses. However, their effects will only last for a short time.

Raise the power to destroy the enemy

The staff in your hand can fire magic bullets. However, that was still not enough to destroy the enemy army. So, every time you level up in the match, you can get many interesting items and pets. They will help you a lot in this battle.

Green Power I: increase your damage by 10%

Red Artillery I: A bloodthirsty squirrel will help you. This ginger companion will throw lethal walnuts toward the toughest enemy, dealing high damage with a chance of a critical blow

Hell of Hog I: ride a pig to move 10% faster and dodge significantly further

Omni-life Matter I: increase healing effectiveness by 10%.

Vengeful Roots I: Vile roots full of thorns deal damage on impact and immobilize whoever was unlucky to be on their way.

Omi-life Matter II: get health regeneration (5 health points per second)

Known Fierce Cock I: A domestic bird in a frenzy mode that flies around and bombs with lethal eggs.

Jungle Squadron I: summon a squadron of tropical birds for an airstrike.

Purchase upgrades for your Fantasy Madness warrior

In the shop, you can use coins to buy some forever items. For example, you can buy mushroom season to increase the number of mushrooms by 20% per upgrade level. Moreover, you also can select the character before entering the battle. Elimination and Survival modes are available in this fighting game.

Game control

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Press the space bar to dodge while moving

Note: you can play with a gamepad if you have one.