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Battles with other players in EvoWars.io

EvoWars.io brings all players to a playground where they have to fight together. You need to collect the energy balls to power up and beat the smaller enemies.

Level up your character

There are two ways to level up your character. You can control the character to move around and collect the energy balls. The bigger balls will bring more energy to your character. Another way is to defeat the other opponents. You only can beat the lower-level foes. You also are the target of high-level enemies. Therefore, you need to move cleverly. You also need to reflex quickly. You can be attacked if you don't quickly respond.

Evolution unlocked

At each level, your character will change into a new appearance. For example, the character is only a caveman on level 1, but he turns into a pirate on level 7. There are a total of 35 skins are waiting for you to control.

The success rules in EvoWars.io

  • Run for the big opponents and fight with the smaller foes. Note that running will take 10% of your current evolution experience per second. However, don't be afraid of losing the EX for the speed boost.
  • In the beginning, you just should focus on collecting the energy balls.
  • No pain no gain! You have to try many times at the beginning, but you can get much experience after that.