Drop Stacks

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Enjoy Drop Stacks online

In Drop Stacks, your mission is to clear all colorful blocks on a grid. You will be offered some rockets which can destroy the blocks in this game.

The game has many different levels for you to challenge your skills. Each level will be increasingly difficult. This game requires logical thinking. It's also a great way to practice the players' minds. You need to know all situations that will happen when you put any rockets on the grid. Remember to pass a level, you must destroy all the blocks first. Although there is only one block left, you can't advance the level.

The game rules in Drop Stacks

This is a puzzle and it has very simple principles. Let's follow me to understand bout the rules if you are a newbie.

Put the arrow rockets on the grid

You can see the position of different blocks at each level. Therefore, there are various ways to destroy them. Many unique rockets with high damage are under the grid. Each rocket will have various arrows which show its direction. You need to observe them to put the rockets correctly.

Tips and tricks to play Drop Stacks

  • Each arrow only can break one row and you have limited rockets.
  • You can use the mouse to play this game.
  • When you get stuck on some movements, you can use the hints in the corner of the screen. You should use the hints sparingly because they are limited. Besides this game, you also can move to Smash Karts. You can fight many players in that game.