Donkey Kong

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Rescue your friends with Mario in Donkey Kong. You have to pass through two difficult AI gates and defeat the ape Kong to be able to complete the mission.

How to pass Level 1 Donkey Kong

In this level 1, the character you need to free is Fludd. He's right next to Donkey Kong which is on the top floor. You can only use ladders to climb up. Beware of broken ladders! The ape monster will always throw gas cans at you. If they touch you, you lose. In addition, these gas cylinders when met with oil will become extremely dangerous sparks. Use the hammers to blow away all danger. You just need to get close to Fludd to save him. After that, the two will continue to accompany to the next level.

Steps to beat Donkey Kong in Level 2

Level 2 is also the last level of this game. You will have to destroy the big monster to win the victory. However, you cannot fight it directly. You will have to use intelligence. Remove the connections on the floors, then the floor where the monster stands will collapse. Of course, the monster will also be destroyed. In the end, you can save Pauline who is a very beautiful girl. After completing 2 levels, you can challenge your brain with Hangman on our website. Have a nice day!

Game control

  • Use left and righ arrows to move character
  • Press up arrow to climb ladder
  • Press the space bar to jump.