Crossy Traffic

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Cross the road

Crossy Traffic is a fun game where you will help a chicken cross many busy roads. The vehicles always move on these roads and you must reach another side.

In real life, crossing the street is easy because there are road markings and red lights. However, in this game, you have to cross the road without them. Therefore, danger will always be lurking everywhere. Move quickly and skillfully to the other side of the road. Of course, you have to seize the opportunity when there are no cars on the road. If you get into a traffic accident, the game is over.

Beware of the dangers of Crossy Traffic

The roads are close together. Not only do you have to cross the road with hundreds of cars moving, but you also have to cross rivers. The train tracks will also be one of your gates. For the road, you need to cross when the road is clear of traffic. Pay attention to the warning signs of the tracks. When the warning sign turns red, it means the train is about to pass. What about the river? You will not take a boat to cross the river. Logs will help you cross these flowing waters. However, wood is not always present. They will come and go without you noticing.

Collect coins to change characters

The coins will be found along the way. Collecting them will benefit you. New characters like pig, panda or elephant will all appear in this game. You need enough coins to buy these characters. When playing Crossy Traffic, don't let your character disappear from the screen. Are you ready for this game? Let's come to these lovely characters!


  • Use the up arrow to move forward
  • Press the left and right arrows to move left or right.