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Game experience requires agility and dexterity

Coreball is a classic game that has been around for a long time but it is still loved by many players. Simple graphics do not reduce the appeal of this game.

Simple graphics of the game

Perhaps you would think that an attractive game must have eye-catching graphics like Tiny Fishing. However, this game proves to you that graphics are not the only factor that attracts players. White balls on a black background help you easily identify the target and aim at the right location. If you complete the task, the background will turn blue. On the contrary, if you lose, the background will turn red. With just a few basic colors, this game will bring you memorable experiences. In addition, games with simple graphics will not take much time to load. So, you just need to go to our website and play this game after a few seconds of loading the game.

Require your agility and dexterity

Don't think the game with simple graphics will be easy to conquer. Many gamers who reached later levels had to give up. The first levels are just for you to warm up while the real challenges await in the later levels. Agility to throw small balls at the rotating core ball while dexterity helps you throw the ball in the right spot.

Shoot the small balls on the core ball in the Coreball game

Right in the middle of the screen there is a large white ball with a number on it. This large ball is called the core ball. Around it there will be unnumbered white balls. In some levels, there will not be any small balls around the core ball.

Don't touch any small balls

The small balls touching each other is something to avoid in this game. When you throw the ball you must ensure the distance between them. As long as one ball touches another, the game will end immediately. Therefore, accurate positioning is also very important in this game.

Shoot ball quickly

Core ball will never stop. It moves and rotates continuously. The speed of the core ball will get faster and faster through the levels. So, you also need to quickly shoot the small balls on top of the core ball. Agility will determine victory in this game. Look at the numbers on the small balls to know how many balls you need to shoot on the core ball.