Color Tunnel

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Are you ready to overcome Color Tunnel challenges? With high speed, you can bump your head into obstacles anytime. Be clever and patient! Good luck!

Enjoy the realistic movements in Color Tunnel

Color Tunnel game allows players to enjoy the first view. Of course, you won't control any geometry as in Cubes 2048.io. You will experience the tunnel by yourself. The colorful tunnel may attract your vision but don't forget your mission. You will move forward automatically and you only need to navigate from left to right and vice versa.

Guide to play Color Tunnel

As I mentioned, your only target is to keep safe. If you hit any obstacles, the game will end. These obstacles can even move very fast. Find the space and go through it. Of course, you must know the movement of obstacles first. Look at their move and guess where they will move. This is a tip that not everyone knows. I think that each player will enhance their skills and get their own tricks to conquer this game after many tries.

Follow the statistics

You can see the distance you move. It's measured in meters. You can also see your speed in meters per second. Try your best to move as far as you can.

Game control

With simple control, everyone can easily navigate in this game. You just need to use the left and right arrow keys to change the sides. Come to this game and show who you are!