Capybara Clicker

12 votes 3.5/5

Create lots of Capybaras in this game

Capybara Clicker is a fun clicker game inspired by a gentle animal with a funny appearance. You need to click many times on the capybara on the screen.

In my opinion, this is probably the most idle game you will experience in the online gaming world. At first, you will probably have a hard time having to manually click on the giant capybara on the screen. Once you have a lot of capybara, you can exchange them for upgrades and auto clicks in the store. The more upgrades and auto clicks are purchased, the more idle you are in this game. However, you can also experience the feeling of finding capybara manually by clicking continuously.

Capybara Clicker gameplay

You can choose to click manually or use the automatic upgrades in the store. However, I recommend using tools because they will create more capybara.

Click on the passing capybara

Occasionally, you will see small capybaras walking across the screen. Although their size is quite small, the number of points they bring is extremely large. So, don't miss any small capybara because you can get rich thanks to them.

Buy as many tools as possible

The number of capybara you have will be directly affected by the number of tools you have. You can make millions of capybara in a second with the tools you have purchased. The prices of these tools will stay the same instead of increasing continuously like in Cookie Clicker. There are some tools that take a long time to save up enough money to buy.