Cannon Strike

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Shoot balls into a basket

Owning a cannon in the Cannon Strike game. Then, you need to shoot the balls of this cannon into a basket. There are many movable movable barriers.

The cannon will contain certain balls. To complete a level, you must fire these balls into the basket which is at the bottom of the screen. You don't need to put all the balls of the cannon into this container. Look at the number under the container and you will know how many balls requires to pass that level.

Overcome the barriers in Cannon Strike

There are many grey bars on the screen. Some of them are moving to prevent you from full up the container. If you shoot too many balls out of the basket, you won't have enough balls to fill the basket. Therefore, let's estimate the space between these bars to fire.

Complete a level

As soon as the container full of ball, you will advance new level. If you lose no ball, you will get three stars. Of course, if you lose many balls, you will get less stars. How many stars will you get in 36 levels?