Bullet League.io

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Fight with the robots

Bullet League.io takes you to a strange world where you have to face strange robots. You need to destroy these robots or they will shoot your character first.

A forest with green groves is home to scary robots. They are armed and ready to destroy anyone who dares to come near. You will become a hero in this game. Use weapons to destroy all the enemies along the way. The graphics are very impressive which attracts many players.

Get the victory in Bullet League.io

I rate this game as quite difficult. When playing at the practice level, the robots will stand still for you to shoot. However, when entering the real fight, they will become agile assassins.

Catch the weapon

At the start of the battle, you will not have a weapon available. You need to move around the map to pick them up. You can use up to 5 weapons. Then attack the enemy. Approach them tactfully. The robots can shoot you as soon as they see you. In addition, they will chase you until you are defeated.


You will see giant purple rocks on the way. Just stand in front of them, your character will automatically exploit them. After you have the materials, you can build blocks. These blocks can help you reach higher positions.

How to control

You need to use keyboard and mouse to play Bullet League.io. To move the character, use the ASD keys. If you want to jump, let's press the spacebar. Click the left mouse button to fire and build. When you want to switch the weapons, you can use 1-5 keys.