Bolly Beat

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Music can help you relax

You can listen to the interesting rhythm and challenge your finger's agility in Bolly Beat. Moreover, many songs are waiting for you to unlock. Let's have fun!

When you are stressed, what do you do? Some people choose to listen to music and some others play online games. Bolly Beat is a combination of music and an online game. You will control a ball to press the keys on the screen. From that, you can make the complete song. Don't miss too many keys! Otherwise, you have to restart that song. Pro gamers always recommend using headphones when playing the game to have the best experience. It's time to play the game and listen to music.

How to play Bolly Beat

Bounce the ball on the keyboards

A ball will press on the yellow keys to make the rhythm which can contribute to a complete song. The ball can't touch the red keys or the ground without the yellow keys. If it touches the ground, you will lose one heart. The number of hearts is limited, so be careful. To increase the game difficulty, the speed of the ball and keys will increase. Moreover, this game also has the hard mode which can be unlocked by completing the normal mode.

Game control

Click, hold, and swipe the ball to move it.