Basket Random

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Enjoy the online basketball game

Basket Random is designed with graphics from the 90s. You must score 5 points before your opponent can do this. You can choose one of two modes in this game.

Basketball has always been the favorite sport of many players around the world. However, there are many people who do not have enough time to go to the basketball court. Therefore, the online basketball game was born. As a combination of modern and classic features, this game has conquered many fastidious gamers. You will have to control all members of your team to score many points. This game is not only for fun, you can also practice your control skills.

Rules of Basket Randon

Just like regular basketball, you need to throw the ball into the basket. Each time you hit the basket, you will receive one point. The pair that gets 5 points first wins.

Throw the ball into the basket

It seems easy, but this game is quite difficult. You will not be able to move the character in the direction you want. This makes the game difficult. You can click the mouse and your two characters will move at the same time. Grab your chance and score as fast as you can.

Don't let your opponent score you

Whenever the opposing team wants to approach your team's basket, quickly block them. You try to get close and steal the ball from them. Be an active player in this game.

Explore Basket Random's two-player mode

You can invite one more person to enjoy this game. Two people will become opponents of each other on the same device. Player 1 can use W to move the character while the second player needs to press the up arrow key. Show off your skills and show your opponents who you are.