Basket Champ

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Hit a ball into a basket in Basket Champ! No opponents! However, there are still many problems. What should you do to tackle problems? Show off your ability!

Play basketball games online

When people want to relax, some people will play sports such as basketball. However, at that time, it was raining. Moving from your house to the basketball playfield is too hard. For the outside playground, playing basketball is impossible. Therefore, to meet sports lovers, many basketball games are released. One of the outstanding is Basket Champ where you can play basketball online. Moreover, the game also takes you to many different places in the world to play basketball.

Hit the ball into the ring of Basket Champ

You won't control a basketball player as in BasketBros. You will see a bar on the screen and use it to hit the ball. You can take this bar from different positions but you can move it up and down. Don't let the ball fall into space. Otherwise, you must restart the game. When the ball falls on your bar, click the left mouse button and hit the ball up. Until the ball is in the basket, you will pass a level. At some levels, the basket even can move to increase the game's difficulty. If you are a newbie, you may think this game is hard. However, you will become addicted to this game after trying it.