Balls Demolish Pixel

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Shoot the ball in this game

Balls Demolish Pixel will be an interesting shooting game that you cannot ignore. You will use balls to destroy images made from blocks. Good luck!

Are you confident in your shooting ability? In this game, you have to aim really well to destroy all the blocks on the screen. These blocks will combine to form an animal, object, or food on the screen. They will make you think of retro graphics of the past. If you can't complete the mission, you lose the game.

How to destroy blocks in Balls Demolish Pixel

This game has many levels with different models. Of course, the size of the models is getting bigger and bigger. From there, you will have more difficulty when your number of balls does not change.

Bounce the balls to the blocks

When these balls touch the squares, they will be destroyed immediately. You can take advantage of the bounce of the balls to smash as many blocks as possible. Balls will be fired from a cannon and you can customize the direction of these balls. You only have 6 shots and each time there are 12 while the number of blocks can be more than 100.

Some boosts to help you

You can increase the number of balls by buying them. You can use money you get to purchase more balls. Moreover, you also can use power up to destroy a large amount of balls. However, the use time of power up is limited in Balls Demolish Pixel. After mastering this game, you can move to Flappy: Hey Space.