Tunnel Rush

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Challenge your skills in Tunnel Rush

You will move in a tunnel at the first view in the game Tunnel Rush. This tunnel is endless and has thousands of red obstacles. Don't collide with them!

In this game, your speed will be very quick and you can't think or look at the obstacles carefully. Tunnel Rush has no finish line and no destination, so you just run until hitting any objects. Agility is required to succeed in this challenging game. You may give up if you play the game for the first time. However, through many tries, your skills are improved. How long can you move in the tunnel?

Why you should play Tunnel Rush

This game is very famous in the world because of its challenge. Many red objects are movable and you need to avoid them on time. With your quick speed and the fast speed of the obstacles, avoiding all obstacles is very hard. The more challenging a game is, the more players want to play it. However, you also can play peaceful games like Candy Crush or Blumgi Ball if you just want to relax.

The colorful graphics

You can see the tube is created by many colorful platforms. Although the tube is very beautiful, these colors can disturb you.

A leaderboard

This game offers an interesting leaderboard that shows the top players. To be on the top, you must defeat other gamers in the world. Of course, that isn't easy; only pro players can do it.

Simple control for everyone

You just use the arrow keys to direct. It's better to play this game on full-screen and don't let anyone disturb you from concentrating on this game.