Subway Surfer Seoul

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About Subway Surfer Seoul

A race takes place in Seoul, South Korea. You will join this race through the game Subway Surfer Seoul. Don't stop because behind you is the guardian.

Play Subway Surfer Seoul online

Subway Surfer has gained worldwide popularity thanks to its addictive gameplay and beautiful graphics. Therefore, many versions with many different locations have been released. Our website would like to introduce you to Subway Surfer Seoul. Set in the city of Seoul, Korea, you will see the architectural works of this country. You will both play the game and discover the beauty of Seoul city. With a lot of interesting features for players, this game has attracted a large number of players from all over the world. Do you love this game? Try it out and let us know what you think.

Escape from the guardian in Subway Surfer Seoul

Your character is drawing on the walls of the train station. The station guard saw this and he wants to capture your character. That's why you have to control your character to run as fast as possible. The guard would chase right behind the young man. As long as the character collides with an obstacle, the guard will immediately catch the guy. Therefore, at all costs, you must help your character not to hit the obstacles. On the way, the carriages, and barriers will block your way. You can jump over them. However, to overcome high barriers, you can crouch through them. Observe obstacles quickly to make quick and right decisions.

The rules success in Subway Surfer Seoul

  • You can see many coins along the road when you are running. You need to go through them to collect them. Then, you can buy some useful items with these coins. Besides, let's collect some helpful items such as powerful shoes, magnets, etc. They will help you in this escape.
  • The full-screen is available, so you should try this. You can have a more thrilling game when playing in this mode. Of course, you can see all the details clearly.
  • You can enter your nickname in this game. When you end the game, you can see a leaderboard. This leaderboard will show the top players who have high scores worldwide.
  • You can customize the game music to be suitable for you. You can even turn off the music. However, the music can make the game more attractive.

Some features in Subway Surfer Seoul

  • You can experience the HTML5 game on your mobile or desktop without installing it.
  • Children also can play this game because of its easy gameplay. They can enhance their reflex through this game. Moreover, Tiny Fishing also is a great way to improve your skills. Hope you will have a great time with these games on our website!
  • This is an endless game. You can play this game until your character is caught.

Simple control

  • Up arrow to jump
  • Down arrow to crouch
  • Left arrow to move left
  • Right arrow to move right.